only posers die you fucking idiot

DIY tutorials :3

My favourite DIY projects :)
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eloise Sep 13, 2014
my birthday present :pic

my birthday present :)

the illustrated man is the best! this weekend I got a feather behind my ear and my grandads birthday on my ribcage, they are both…
eloise Aug 28, 2012

Weekly Must Haves...

I love getting new stuff but when I find things I really want I buy in bulk haha
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eloise Aug 18, 2012
Unicorn helmetpic

Unicorn helmet

I love my boyfriend, he buys me cool things :)
eloise Aug 17, 2012

Things for the new house!

Just a few things I want for the new house!
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eloise Jul 26, 2012

Easy DIY: Melting Crayons.

I did this a couple of weeks ago and it looks sick behind the tarantula cage! Reblogged from heykellieee I've been getting messages about my canvas and…
eloise Jul 26, 2012 Originally by heykellieee

Favourite things :)

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eloise Jul 26, 2012
DIY: Dangle earringspic

DIY: Dangle earrings

So lately I have been using my cute phone charms to make cute dangle earrings :3 and its easy! All I do is thread the…
eloise Jul 24, 2012

Barbie gone bad

I love this series of photographs!
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eloise Jul 24, 2012

New septum ring 14g

I lost the ball of my last one :(
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eloise Jul 24, 2012

DIY:Spiked iPhone Case

I love this idea but couldn't justify spending so much money on a case for my phone, so this is my solution :) 1- Buy a…
eloise Jul 22, 2012
Dip Dyepic

Dip Dye

Got the brightest pink tips now :3
eloise Jul 19, 2012

Jewellery haul! :3

This week I went a little crazy on eBay, buying over 20 new items of jewellery! It's hard though, when all the pieces I found…
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eloise Jul 18, 2012
sydney trip :pic
eloise May 31, 2012